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SOLD! Sony WM1Z + Dignis Alcantara Case + Benks Accessories + Cayin 4MM Adapter + 200gb Sandisk + More...

Trader History (6)
  1. Neilsoto30
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • North America
    Best offer:
    I have a Sony WM1Z in excellent condition. It comes with the $150 Dignis Alcantara leather case, the $30 Benks TPU case, a Sony silicone case, a 200gb Sandisk card, the $50 Cayin 4mm adapter, and the $40 Benks Glass screen protector. I took excellent care of it and everything else in this posting, have only had the items for a few months. I have most of the boxes the stuff came with, including the Sony box. I'm looking for $1950. I will pay shipping. I have other things for sale, too. If interested, please check my other posts. I'm located in Queens, NYC. I have sold a few high priced items on here already. Am only selling because I bought a car with an excellent sound system and found myself not using my mobile setup much. God bless. Note: The item being sold is the one in the listing. Disregard the other items in the pictures (I didn't want to take new pictures).
  2. Neilsoto30
    20190616_215252.jpg 20190616_215528 1.jpg 20190616_215659 1.jpg 20190616_215715 1.jpg 20190616_215726 1.jpg 20190616_215836 1.jpg
  3. OverlordRush
    Hi, are you willing to sell the Dignis case by itself?
  4. Neilsoto30
  5. Neilsoto30
  6. Neilsoto30
    How much Will you live me for it?
  7. OverlordRush
    $85 shipped ?
  8. Neilsoto30
    Are you still interested in the case?
  9. Neilsoto30
  10. wahdoy
    if still available are you firm on the price?
  11. wahdoy
    Sorry. Didn't see it was already sold.

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