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SOLD : Sony Pha 3 - Excellent condition - all accessories

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  1. thecrow
    Reluctant sale but I can't have everything due to $$ constraints.

    In excellent condition. Always protected in a camera bag.

    $550 USD [FIRM - unless picked up in Sydney, Australia and you save me the freight charge] (I'll cover the postage, within reason, (with tracking and signature on receipt) and paypal fees).

    Comes with all packaging, all accessories and original receipt.

    Packing and accessories also in great condition

    Bought from Minidisc (Australian retailer) last year to use when commuting but I have not been on transport much this year so only moderately used.

    Some say this needs about 200 hours for proper burn in to kick in - i would say that's probably about how much I have used it (probably short of 150 hours would be more accurate) and i would also disagree with burn in requirements as this dac/amp had me at "hello"

    Non smoker, non pet household.

    *** An exceptional clean and neutral dac/amp, with fantastic level of detail and spaciousness. No matter how much i demoed the chord mojo (3 or 4 times) this pha 3 was always easily my preferred option. IMHO of course

    I would easily buy this again (and may in the future) but i need to rationalise my buying decisions every now and then (even to myself)

    any questions, just ask

    PHOTOS in similar listing in amplifier classifieds here
  2. thecrow
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