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SOLD: Sony NW-ZX300 Black with Musashino Case (and more!)

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  1. colonelkernel8
    For Sale
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    •   United States
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    For sale is my Sony NW-ZX300 (the 64GB version) in black. I am including the black calfskin Musashino case (pictured), the blue Minerva box leather Dignis case, and Sony's case (but not really charging for the latter two, consider those freebies even though the Dignis case is selling for $75.)

    Also included is a 400 GB Samsung micro SD card!

    The original box and everything is also included, as well as dust plugs for all of the ports (you can see those in the pictures).

    Everything is in mint condition.

    E0F51CA1-F339-4FB4-A1A6-51A8D029E542.jpeg 6FE4748E-7C56-496C-A3EA-D72F156ADFC8.jpeg 0B4F8923-24B8-443E-8965-E196E4B04799.jpeg 18DDA842-4F0E-49CF-B5E1-62C8888E3B55.jpeg

    Here are some pictures of it with the Dignis blue Minerva Box case!
    D341F544-9CB8-4488-9ACA-EC5D663F06B2.jpeg 8E9A29CE-81C3-4879-A0C2-3420BB79EFBF.jpeg
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