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SOLD: SONY NW-WM1A with Black Dignis Case Option

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  1. atsq17
    For Sale
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    Less than a year old. Seldom used. Excellent condition. If you are interested in Toxic and DHC 4.4mm balanced cables just ask me in PM. I might be able to bundle a good deal.

    Price is without the case: Add $50 for the leather Dignis case. The case has a few marks as you can see but it still keeps the unit secure and looking good.

    Add $20 for worldwide express shipping and I'll cover the rest. If shipping costs are higher than expected I will inform you and we can work something out.

    More details on my cables:
    1 x Toxic Cable Virus (a very high quality hybrid occ litz) with Eidolic 4.4mm trrrs connector (2 pin). Cable is almost 6 feet long (very long for IEM) - Worth USD$382 before shipping from England. Add $250.

    1 x DHC Symbiote SP V3 OCC Silver Type 4 Litz IEM Cable. 4 feet long. Also with Eidolic 4.4mm trrrs connector (2 pin). Worth USD$409 before shipping. Add $275.

    If you want both cables. Add $500.

    nocasefront.jpg.de130740999166a0df27e1458f4bfa27.jpg nocaseback.jpg.d76758d571cb70d9cfb3a8b31e7daddc.jpg nocaseside2.thumb.jpg.49c07405e31ea2086d00e70416daf9c0.jpg nocaseside1.thumb.jpg.86ce05c96fdaae899f8a129d05940254.jpg nocasebottom.jpg.6a0c1ce963336ab14cf61b89aad37a0b.jpg
    front.jpg back.jpg
    side.jpg side2.jpg
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2018
  2. atsq17
    Price drop.
  3. hemipowered007
  4. atsq17
    New pics added.
  5. atsq17
  6. proedros
    great price , this should sell fast

    free bump

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