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  1. sweetben
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    I am selling my 8-month-old Sony Z1Rs. They are in great shape (see the pictures), and I have all the original stuff that came with them. In addition, I am also including the upgraded Sony/Kimber cable that terminates in the L shape mini plug (a $229 value), as well as the Sony/Kimber Cable that terminates in the standard ¼” plug (a $249 value).

    These headphones manage to be detailed while also having a full-bodied sound signature, that is a real delight. Definitely a pair of cans for sitting back and just enjoying the music. In addition, they are very light and very comfortable.

    I am asking for $1,500.00 plus $30.00 to help cover shipping and Paypal fees (I’ll still be out money, but thems the breaks).
  2. sweetben
    IMG_0346.jpg IMG_0347.jpg IMG_0348.jpg IMG_0349.jpg IMG_0350.jpg IMG_0351.jpg IMG_0352.jpg
  3. sweetben
    Just changed the asking price to $1,400 plus $30 to cover PayPal and shipping fees.
  4. Bart Goyens
    are they still available? is this the US version?
  5. sweetben
    They are still available and they are the US version.
  6. zmhaha
    interested in part out the kimber cables?
  7. sweetben
    Maybe, send me a message and make an offer. Thanks!
  8. Bart Goyens
    where do you send them from?
  9. sweetben
  10. Bart Goyens
    close to San Diego, did you buy at the source?
  11. sweetben
    Nope. I bought from Audio Advice, online.
  12. sweetben
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