SOLD: Sony MDR-7506 with Beyer Velour Pads
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These are the same as the MDR-V6, but the "professional" version. The only differences I'm aware of are different colored stickers (blue on 7506 versus red on V6), and the 7506 has gold-plated plugs (whereas the V6 does not). Street price for the MDR-7506 is around US$ 99.00 new.

These 7506's come with the Beyer DT-250 velour pads installed (with the stock 7506 foam transducer cover underneath each). The velour pads sound better to my ears, and are unequivocally more comfortable and keep your ears cooler than the stock pleather pads. The Beyer pads cost me US$ 22.00 ($17 plus shipping).


I'm selling them because I have an extra pair, and I'm finding one of them sits around unused.

These are in like-new condition (except they now have Beyer pads). Pleather drawstring carrying pouch included (came with the headphones). As an added bonus, I will also include a very small ferrite that fits on the MDR-7506 cord for the tweaker types (this ferrite ring has absolutely no retail value that I know of -- I found it in my office
). And I will treat the plugs (the mini plug and the 1/4" adapter) with DeOxit and ProGold at the buyer's option.

Price: US$ 80 shipped insured anywhere in the lower 48 United States. Price is firm. Will accept money orders and PayPal (add 3% for PayPal).

Contact me via PM or e-mail.
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