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Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by Schwibbles, Sep 6, 2018.
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  1. Schwibbles
    For Sale
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    I have owned these for about a month. I am selling because I was curious about how they sounded and now I don't need them any more.

    They are in very good condition all around. There are a couple small blemishes on the outside of the hinges that aren't really visible unless you're looking for them. See pictures here.

    They will come in the original hard-box but the box is missing its outer, retail sleeve. Both original cables are included as will the carrying pouch. Original documentation is included, still bagged, but I cannot guarantee that it's 100% complete as I bought these used.

    Taking into consideration their condition and other used prices, I am asking $80 including Paypal fees and shipping to CONUS. I will ship internationally but buyer pays full shipping cost and any associated shipping fees (import fees, taxes, etc).

    The only catch: The person I bought them from didn't tell me they were a smoker - in their defense I forgot to ask. They came to me smelling like cigarette smoke. I have cleaned/sanitized every part of the headphones including headband and pads. I also cleaned both cables and the pouch. Then, I let the headphones sit out on a headphone stand on my desk at work for over ~3 weeks to air out. I also opened the box and propped open the carry pouch to air out in my bedroom. As of a couple days ago, the smoke smell was pretty much gone from the box and pouch. Regardless, I put dryer sheets in the pouch and box to further reduce any smell. The headphones themselves have very little smoke smell on the headband or pads. The only exception is inside the cups which still smell like smoke. I have put the headphones back in the box with more dryer sheets in each ear cup in an attempt to completely rid them of the smell.
    Long story short, the smoke smell should be pretty minimal or gone on everything except the inside of the cups. Inside the cups isn't bad at this point and you can't smell them while wearing the headphones - at least I can't.
    EDIT 17SEP18: Using the dryer sheets, I can no longer smell any cigarette smoke anywhere in or on the headphones. Price Drop!
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2018
  2. Schwibbles
    Price Drop and edited!!
  3. xsist
    Wow! Wish I could snag these. GLWS!
  4. Schwibbles
  5. Schwibbles
    Price drop!
  6. bluebair
    Ill take these. Pm'd
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