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Sold ***Sony 4.4mm 2 pin iem balanced cable Spc flat braided litz***Sold

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  1. ledzep
    For Sale
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    Bought a few cables to try out with some iems I recently bought, this cable was originally a 2.5mm balanced cable but I re terminated it to 4.4mm for my WM1 player. Soft flat braided cable nice sound to it and quite eye catching. It's not up there with the likes of ALO or Norne or the other higher end custom cable makers but that's reflected in the price which is just set to recover part of my initial outlay. IMG_20180516_234902_1.jpg IMG_20180516_235153.jpg
  2. FortisFlyer75
    Hi LedZep,

    Interested in your SPC 2pin 4.4 cable, Firstly could you please tell me the length of the cable?

    I assume you brought the components and built the cable your self then? As just wanted to know where the cable is from and it's silver silver properties of the cable... Just wandering where you sourced the cable, I take it is not a thin harsh sounding SPC tyoe of cable?

    Also how old is the cable or how much run time has it had? Still need burn in time or is it cooked like my mum used to do her roast dinners (burnt!)?

    I take it from looking at the cable it has a nice wieght to it so the cable sits over the ear okay as it does not have any memory wire from what I can see?....

  3. ledzep
    Sorry sold it yesterday.
  4. FortisFlyer75
    Hi, no worries, thought that might be the case
    If you do happen to have another one your looking at departing with in 2pin/4.4 as it sounds like you are trying different cables out I would be interested.

    That one looked a nice finish to it anyway.
    Thanks for letting us know....
  5. ledzep
    Will do, can always make you one if you wanted.
  6. FortisFlyer75
    Hi ledzep,

    I like the sound of that, only if it's not taking up too much of your valuable time.

    I will pm you over weekend if that's OK.

    Cheers ledzep.
  7. ledzep
    No problem, regards Mark.

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