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Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by buonassi, May 11, 2019.
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  1. buonassi
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • North America
    Oriolus Mk2 IEM ONLY: $500 firm
    You're welcome to bundle the cable with this purchase for an extra $100

    One of the best IEMs I've ever heard, selling to fund purchase of new custom monitors, won't need both! I highly recommend Campfire Audio Marshmallow tips as this tones down the upper mids peak and lifts the upper treble to give it some more air and sparkle. Also, the cable is a match made in heaven. Thick bass, which fills in just a bit of the 100-200hz scoop these monitors have, and lifts the top octave like silver, without the zingy silver sound. The result is a more linear experience with more tactile bass and high extension.

    I will regret this sale, but it's time to experience something else. I'm "chasing the tail of the dragon", as they say.

    ***MUST READ**** The ONLY issue with this sale is the optional cable. A Plussound Silver+Gold 2.5mm balanced Exo series 2pin. It is a $350 cable, and I messed it up, hence the low price. Sonically, there is nothing wrong with it and sounds great. But I used a non-rinse soap after a surgery and the chemicals must have interacted with the TPU cable insulation. The areas that curve around the ear are now stiffer than normal - it's not rigid, but pretty stiff for sure. It gets progressively softer and loosens up as you approach the Y split. After the Y, all the way down to the plug, is nice and supple, just as it came originally. Honestly, it's not that bad. The heat from your body will soften it up a bit during wear. And I guess you can look at the stiffness as a sort of ear-hook memory, as it has this effect. The shirt clip and half chin slide do the trick and it's still enjoyable to wear. I'd be happy to take a video demonstrating the ergonomics of the cable for serious inquirers who are certain they can live with a less than perfect cable.

    Comes with everything you see in the photos - and more. What's not pictured are the cable accessories (leather cable tie and plussound amplifier band). Also not pictured, and if your ears take medium foams, I can throw in a new pair of CA marshmallows.

    Price includes PP and CONUS

    0511191829_HDR.jpg 0511191824_HDR.jpg 0511191823_HDR.jpg 0511191822.jpg 0511191821.jpg 0511191820.jpg 0511191819.jpg 0511191828.jpg 0511191828a.jpg 0511191822a.jpg 0511191822_HDR.jpg
    Last edited: May 29, 2019
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  2. Wildcatsare1
    GLWS, and thanks for the heads up on surgical scrub!
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  3. buonassi
    I imagine there are many more cables out there for sale that have been stiffened by the likes of colognes/perfumes/skin creams, etc. Lesson to all who have expensive cables or are searching for them to buy. ASK SELLER SPECIFICALLY!!! I have received at least one cable stiffer than this one I've got for sale above (not a head-fi sale, but still).
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  4. buonassi
    bump. Ready to ship folks. Can take video of cable ergonomics if you like. Make me an offer for the IEMs only if you don't want the cable.
  5. buonassi
    bump - IEMs only for $525, add the cable for $125
  6. buonassi
  7. buonassi
    IEMs only price adjusted, price drop
  8. buonassi
    $500 IEMs only, $600 with cable
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