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SOLD SOLD SOLD----Cayin 5 stack----i5 dap and C5 amp

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  1. scottsays
    For Sale
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    •   United States
    Cayin 5 stack----i5 dap and C5 amp----leather case for I5--silver short cord--velcro on back of units--makes a nice portable stack-

    EXCELLENT sound quality---both the dap and amp are in perfect working order--the C5 is in fair to good condition--the I5 very good condition-
    I have 3 dap and 5 amps so am selling this set up---needs a good home.
    Plenty of power and very high quality sound---The Velcro can be easily removed if the buyer wants it gone--but I found this set up works great--ALL my equipment gets this treatment--the units stack perfectly and no cumbersome bands getting in the way----

    C5 is in very good shape--kept in leather pouch with original screen protector never removed-The amp is in fair shape--some normal scuffs and scratches from use--the button for the h/l gain is missing--but can be easily switched with a pencil or pen tip quite easily

  2. scottsays
    GEDC1366.JPG GEDC1369.JPG GEDC1362.JPG
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2018
  3. scottsays
    GEDC1361.JPG GEDC1365.JPG
  4. scottsays
    $ 420 shipped CONUSA--buyer covers paypal--I cover shipping--
  5. scottsays
    Price drop-- $ 399 shipped CONUSA--buyer covers paypal--I cover shipping.
    International sales possible if buyer pays shipping.
  6. scottsays
    BUMP 7-12-18
  7. scottsays
    bump 8-4-18
  8. scottsays
    Bump--Price drop $ 350 plus shipping/paypal
  9. scottsays
    Bump--Price drop $ 300 plus shipping/paypal
  10. scottsays
    Bump--price job $ 275 plus paypal/shipping
  11. scottsays
    bump 10-13-18
  12. scottsays
    Price drop $ 265 plus paypal/shipping
  13. scottsays

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