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I took delivery of this amplifier from original owner here on Head-Fi in the beginning of May.

This is the original owner and ad:

I was provided with inexpensive starter tubes and have since bought over $600 in tubes. I hope pictures will show them:Attachment 9963

Attachment 9965

Attachment 9967

Attachment 9969

Attachment 9971

Man! Do I stink at linking pictures or what?

Here is a listing of the tubes:

(2) 6N85 (6H8C) This is Russian 6SN7 variant. I paid over $100 each for these and they are well worth it. One is new and the other one has very low hours on it.
(2) GE 6BX7GT
(2) Sylvania 6SN7GT (VT 231s)
(2) Sylvania 6SN7 GTB
(2) Sylvania 6BL7GT
(2) Electro Harmonix (cheapos) new.

Most all of these are new or near new. I will also throw in the three Herbies Tube Dampers.
As Arnold had said, only imperfections were how it came from factory. I noticed only a slight near unnoticeable scar on lower left faceplate. Amp is dead quiet. I mean "black".

I only have a couple of feedback here. I do however have 11 years of perfect feedback on Ebay under my user name carmantom I also have loads in Audiogon, perfect as well over several years. Feel confident. All my feedback is perfect.
If larger pictures are needed, I can email as attachments.
I paid nearly $1200 5 months ago and bought loads of tubes. Most tubes bought from Brent Jesse Recording Studios. Very reputable source.

I will offer this for a "FIRM" $SOLD This will include Paypal fees. Shipping and handling CONUS (professionally packed) and Insurance.

This is a wonderful deal for an amp that was $2200 not long ago without the tubes. Also, no wait. I hate to part with this, given it is a Porche in the headphone amp world, but as always the upgrade bug has me going in different directions. Almost $200 loss plus nearly $600 in tubes since purchase. My loss your gain.

This price is "Firm" and priced low for a quick deal. Please do not email for lower price. I am not interested selling any lower. I would keep it before I do that.

If there are any additional questions, I would be free to call:



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