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SOLD SOLD FS: LFF Paradox Slant with Litz cable

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by Rish732, Jan 31, 2019.
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  1. Rish732
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    44E203EF-DE7A-4151-BF52-04EC444D2965.jpeg 60ECBC83-B519-4967-AEEC-ECF782E807CC.jpeg 3111522F-AC70-4017-951A-8DEBDB6F7E75.jpeg E37E1D5B-3CB9-4BDD-B07F-006F8931E1BA.jpeg A359707D-B8EA-4705-9015-8A44FC49BF9B.jpeg Luis, if you see this, I’m sorry. I love these but circumstances dictate that I sell a lot of my audio gear.

    These are end game closed back cans. Luis is a master and I’ve never heard closer backs that are this good and I’ve heard dozens. The soundstage, the separation, detail, bass. It’s all there. These need an amp to shine but shine they do. They will come with an impact audio Litz cable as well as a semi rigid case. These are brilliantly tuned planars and Luis used the mark 2 Fostex T50p that he prefers (I believe, remember him saying) for my build.

    I paid $900 for cable and custom made cans. I’m selling for $625 shipped to the US.

    Any questions please Don’t hesitate to reach out and also for international buyers.
    Thank you. Sad to see these go but happy to find them a new home.
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2019

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