SOLD: SOHA with Jisbos GE6880, Auricaps
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Jun 30, 2007
- SOLD -

I'm selling my SOHA I with Jisbos, all parts come from Jeff Rossel.
I used Auricaps, Elna Silmic and Panasonic FM caps.

It has 3 inputs, the (30VA) transformer is housed in an extra case to avoid hum.

The combination with the rare GE6880 gives a very detailed sound with good
soundstage, precise deep bass and neutral hights.
Overall Sound with the GE6880 is very neutral, the GE5963 5Star I'll also
include gives more punch an more crispy heights.
It's like having two amps

The case is made of mahagoni, front and back cover are made of german ash tree, knobs are plum. I just can not remember the wood of the transformer housing.

The Price: 200€ / $295 (See Currency Converter - Yahoo! Finance for currency conversion.)

I am selling from Germany, shipping inside Germany is included, for shipping rates worldwide send me a p.m.
This just varies too much to list all the prices.

Just send me a p.m. in case you're intereted.

Finally - the picture!

The inside of the amp, looks a bit confused since the case wasn't meant to be a SOHA case
in the beginning. I tried to wire everything neatly.

Tube and knobs are illuminated with red leds.

I haven't sold or bought anything on head-fi yet, but here's my ebay feedback:
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