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[SOLD] Slightly used X5 iii 200USD/250CAD

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  1. TjPhysicist
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    •   Canada
    Best offer:
    Slightly used X5. I'm selling it as i just bought a dx150.

    It works perfectly well. Comes with Box and accesories.

    Will Ship to Canada or US. Ground Shipping and paypal included in cost. If you live in Greater Toronto area, we can do this in person! (Note: my location is not an indication of where I'd ship from. For US buyers I'm likely to ship from US, based on timing).
  2. TjPhysicist

    All the accessories:

    The players..screen is on, as you can see Wifi works well etc.


    More pictures of the players, please use to gauge physical quality of the product. It HAS been used for almost a year, so there are a few minor scratches...the screen protector is ON btw.

    IMG_20181013_172321.jpg IMG_20181013_172345.jpg IMG_20181013_172358.jpg
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2018
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