SOLD: Singlepower MPX3 SE SLAM (Supra upgrades)
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Headphoneus Supremus
Mar 22, 2006
So, yet another piece of gear for sale. I think I've had this for 3 years now and am the second owner. The amp has the following upgrades:

- Supra Transformer (considerably larger than stock MPX3 SE transformer)
- Extra filtration capacitance
- Goldpoint Stepped Attenuator using Dale through-hole resistors
- Black Gates in all possible low voltage positions (all of Singlepower's Black Gate upgrades)
- Solen Plate Cap
- Ceramic Tube Sockets with Silver Contacts
- Orange Drop coupling caps
- Custom Balanced to Single Ended input adapter
- 7N7, ECC#1, 2C51, and 5687 tube adapters

You may notice that this amp does not have a high and low voltage switch, like is standard with the MPX3 SE upgrade. This amp has a single setting that is in the middle of these two voltage settings, and according to Mikhail this setting is used to bring out the best operating point of the 6BL7GT tubes, while still supporting other output tubes, like the 5687 SLAM tubes.

The original owner had the coupling caps changed from the original Jensen to the Orange Drop in order to better match his L3000 and R10 headphones. According to the first owner, the amp was tuned with the owners original headphones that were sent to Mikhail during the final tweaking of the amp. I'm guessing the final operating point and coupling caps where the result of this tuning session.

Physical condition is good, probably 8/10 or so. There are light "piano markings" on the amp that are hard to capture with a camera. These markings are pretty much standard when the amp arrives new from Singlepower. The same is true about the slight flaw in the lettering on the front of the amp. I'd say the amp looks great and it's hard to find very many flaws, as the high resolution pictures show. I also have the original double boxed packaging materials, which are important when shipping these amps around as the transformer adds a good amount of weight to this amp.

As for tubes, I have probably 100 or so tubes that work with this amp. Instead of listing tubes, I'd rather work with the buyer to find something that will work best for their goals. If you want to roll tubes, then we can work out a whole host of tubes. If you just want a few tubes, then lets talk and work out what the best options will be for you. As a result of this arrangement, price is negotiable. Please don't let these terms stop you from sending me a message about this amp. There are just too many tubes in really work out an accurate price, so I figured this would be the best way to go about setting a price.

Again, it's my experience that people usually don't take interest in a listing with no price. Again, don't let this stop you. Please. I'd like to move this amp soon, so let's work a deal.

High resolution photos on request via e-mail.


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