SOLD Simaudio Moon Neo 430HAD (Excellent Condition)

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  1. draytonklammer
    For Sale
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    •   United States
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    Up for sale is a beautiful Moon Neo 430HAD.
    Very small scuff on the volume knob (very small) -- otherwise in basically perfect condition.
    I feel confident saying this is in excellent condition.
    Will be adding pictures soon.

    Works very well, has the optional DAC.

    Love this thing a lot and can't believe I am finally selling it, but the DAVE drives my Abyss incredibly well.
    I was surprised on one hand, but considering a lot of people felt similarly, I was also not surprised.

    This is the ALL BLACK 430HAD, not the silver model.

    All buttons works, device functions as it should.

    Hoping to sell this in the CONUS if I find a buyer.

    Might consider a trade depending on what it is.
  2. draytonklammer
  3. draytonklammer
    This is still up for sale.
    PM me if you're interested.
  4. draytonklammer
  5. draytonklammer
    Bump, make me an offer.
  6. draytonklammer
    Still looking for offers!
  7. draytonklammer
    Price drop.
  8. draytonklammer
  9. draytonklammer
    This bad boy is still up for sale.
  10. draytonklammer
    For sale still.
  11. draytonklammer
    Still up for sale.
  12. draytonklammer
  13. draytonklammer
    Shoot me an offer!
  14. draytonklammer
  15. draytonklammer
    Send me an offer. I'd like to get this sold.
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