SOLD: Silver Pico Dac/Amp, Silver 3G iPod nano, Micro LOD (Price Drop)
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Headphoneus Supremus
Feb 13, 2007
I've decided to change my portable rig so here it is up for sale. Its being sold as one lot and i'm not interested in splitting it.

Here's what your getting:

Silver Pico Dac/Amp Combo SN: 491 bought new from headamp in January this year. Its in very good condition overall but does have a couple of very slight marks on the bottom (Pic below).Not that you'll see them while its on your desk but i'm letting you know anyway. Comes complete with original box, instructions, mains charger, 2ft usb cable & the little black pouch.

Silver 4GB 3G iPod Nano also in great condition and has had a screen protector on it form day one. Comes with instructions and apple usb cable. This is attached onto the pico with some double sided tape and adds only a few mm to the overall height of the pico.

Micro LOD Specially made for this setup and made by stevenkelby using a slimline dock plug and a livewires cable and miniplug. It has to be one of the smallest dock cables your ever likely to see.

Altogether this makes for a very tidy portable rig that can double up as a home DAC when your at home. I've been using the pico to fed my WooAudio G.E.S amp with great results.

Payment is via paypal and your address must be confirmed. I will eat the fees.

$SOLD + Worldwide shipping ($10-$20 depending on location)







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