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*SOLD* Shure SE846 + HPL silver litz cable 2.5 TRRS

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by alm0st, Jun 5, 2014.
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  1. aLm0sT
    For Sale
    After days of consideration, I finally decided to sell my Shure SE846. I absolutely love them and might consider purchasing them again in the future but as of right now, I need some cash for my new hobby. 
    Included are:
    - Shure leather hardcase
    - one short cable, one long cable
    - blue, white, black sound filters
    - all stock ear tips
    - SE846 IEMs 
    I don't have the clear hardshell case anymore, but you can purchase it off amazon for $39. I will subtract that from the price. 
    Payment can be made via paypal. 
    I will ship for free within Europe. Outside of Europe, shipping is on you. 
    Please PM me, if you are interested. 
    P.S: Will upload some pictures later when I get home. 
  2. vrapan
    Is the price in dollars or euros? Quite a difference :)
  3. aLm0sT
    Price is USD.
  4. vrapan
    Hi can I ask where you bought them from and if you can provide receipt? Asking in case I buy them and they fail I would like to have somewhere to turn to for service :)
  5. aLm0sT
  6. aLm0sT
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