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SOLD Shure SE535 Bronze

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  1. raindogtrombone
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    Note: crossposted on Canuck Audio Mart, but willing to ship anywhere.

    Looking to try out new IEMs so selling my Shure SE535 bronze. I’ve had them for just under two years, having bought from another CAM member who had owned them for about 4 years. These have had a lot of hours on them and other than the L and R paint on each IEM, are in great functional shape. If you know Shure you know that they are built well. I briefly had some issues with sound cutting out on the left ear but cleaned the connection and haven’t had any issues since. Rated 7 predominant due to age.

    Will come with an original Shure cable (from Shure SE215 but I believe it is the same cable that would have come with the 535), a bunch of tips, cleaning tool, soft pouch, and aluminum box. No instruction manual.

    Looking for $175USD (or $225CAD). Will ship Canada-wide or internationally at cost ($15-25). Pickup in east end Toronto. Looking to trade for IEMs that have a similar shape to these (so not the ones that look like bullets), and in a similar mid-fi range (e.g. cost $400-800 new). Willing to pay the difference if another iem costs more.

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  2. raindogtrombone
    Bump - looking for a straight sale now. International shipping.
  3. raindogtrombone
  4. raindogtrombone
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