Sold: Shure e5c
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Jan 12, 2005
I don't have the opportunity to listen to music portably too often anymore, so I've decided to let these go. I used these IEMs for several years, and they still sound fantastic. The only real indication of wear is that the colored dots indicating left/right have faded away. Since they only fit the specified ear, though, that shouldn't be a problem. (The cable looks really green in the photo, but it's more of a greenish gold in real life.)

It comes with: the phones, the in-line volume control (not pictured), the cleaning tool, the round black case, the original box (with tin) and manual, and the following tips: one pair of bi-flanges, four pairs of hard clear tips (one pair large, two pairs medium, one pair small), three pairs of soft gray tips (one pair large, one pair medium, one pair small), and two pairs of new black olive foam tips.

I pretty much exclusively used black olive foam tips, so the other tips are all like new.

Looking for $old, PayPal preferred. (Shipping included in the continental US.)


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