SOLD - Sennheiser IE800 - BIG PRICE DROP! - Looking for cash mostly not trades
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Dec 1, 2012
SOLD - Only way I'm going to trade is for an item or two that are worth more than mine and will sell easily. I need the money. Also, I cannot go any lower on the price. I'm in the U.S., but will ship anywhere. You will have to pay whatever it is though.

Price does not include fees, shipping, or any add-ons to shipping. I will be shipping these insured mail, in the box, and possibly signature confirmation. It just depends on what options are available to me and what you want. I want the most security possible since this is a high ticket item.

If you're worried about paying for the 2.9% fees, I have great feedback on here, and 53 (100%) feedback on Ebay over the years, which is mainly buying.

I bought these July 9, 2014 from Amazon from an AUTHORIZED B-stock dealer, Pinnacle Deals, so you can rest well knowing the product is legit. I have bought a fake/broken DIFFERENT IE800 that I have since got refunded for and returned, so you definitely don't have to deal with what I did. These are in stellar condition. It is a legit product. Check the code for yourself. Below is what my Amazon purchase said. 
Sold by: Pinnacle Deals
Condition: Used - Like New - Tested by authorized trained technicians. Sennheiser approved and authorized. Refurbished to like new condition. Fully accessorized. 90 day warranty. Pinnacle Value. Pinnacle Deal. No Hassles - Better Value than New.

I'll even throw in a mesh pouch to keep your headphones in.
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