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SOLD: Sennheiser HD800S

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  1. Malcolm Riverside
    For Sale
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    •   United States
    Best offer:
    Despite all the new headphones that have come on the market since these were released, they remain some of the best headphones on the planet! I got these with very low hours on them over a year ago and have kept them in very good condition since then. They have nary a scratch or mark on them and the pads and headband are in really good shape. Comes with original case (but no outer box), stock 4-pin xlr cable and a Zy Audio 1/4”-terminated cable ($200 value). Price includes shipping w/in the CONUS and paypal fees. Not looking for trades at this point.
    F266FA57-F2A7-4DAD-8DC2-2729591094FF.jpeg 9243D7A4-1124-4E88-B6B0-7173D72764D6.jpeg D5C7B510-8954-4E64-81F3-E6BEFEA7256C.jpeg A912795B-5B51-495B-844F-33DA723F4C7B.jpeg 57F3D476-EC5C-4942-8827-5F3717D53A97.jpeg
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  2. Malcolm Riverside
  3. Malcolm Riverside

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