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Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by brencho, Oct 30, 2017.
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  1. brencho
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    Selling a like new HD660S. It's in perfect shape and sounds great and is easier to drive than its brethren (hd6x0 variants). Really lovely finish, much nicer than the massdrop blue IMO. I have way too many sennheisers so I'm passing these on to another curious fellow. $415 shipped.

    PayPal friends and family or add 10 bucks for fees.

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  2. brencho
    ok price drop to 400 shipped, paypal gifted or add fees, for a quick sale.
  3. brencho
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  4. Guidostrunk
    With all the buzz about these. I'm absolutely shocked that these are still available. Glwys!
  5. darth_vato
    I am absolutely interested in these. Dibs?

    Edit: What are your thoughts on these compared to the 600/650? I'm assuming you liked them more if you're deciding to sell these. I've never owned Sennheisers, or any headphone at this level, so I think they'll be satisfactory either way. Just curious. Thanks.
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  6. involuntarysoul
    it is good but is it 2x 6XX good?
  7. glitch39
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  8. brencho
    these are sold. thanks all for the interest.
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