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SOLD : Sennheiser HD650 - mint with balanced cable options

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  1. atsq17

    Barely used HD650 in near new condition. This is one of the latest revisions and will have the latest drivers.

    Purchased from authorized reseller in April 2016 and then sold to me a month and a half ago.

    I enjoyed them but then bought a Beyerdynamic T1 and I won't have time to use them both.

    $225 for HD650 with original box, packaging and cable

    $50 for Impact Audio 4 Pin XLR Balanced Cable
    $35 Express 4 Day Shipping with full tracking to USA or Europe
    $10 Shipping in Australia. Can pick up in Melbourne.

    $195 for Norne Zoetic 4 Pin Balanced XLR Cable.

    $450 shipped for the lot.

    IMG_2280.thumb.JPG.15e2b361ada022a9de4b0be6f57a8fc4.JPG IMAG0039.jpg IMAG0041.jpg IMAG0043.jpg IMAG0044.jpg IMAG0046.jpg IMAG0048.jpg
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2017
  2. LoutishXY
    Hello. Are these still for sale? I'm interested
  3. atsq17
    Sorry they were sold a while back.
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