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Jun 1, 2009
I am going to sell my Stax T1 soon.
It has universal voltage, although the bottom plate needs to be unscrewed to change the voltage.
I bought it here from a fellow member some time ago:
which was previously owned and modded by the Stax guru, Spritzer:
In Spritzer's words: "It was modded to take ECC99 tubes, placing it on par with the SRM-600 LIMITED, which costs over twice as much. It accepts two Pro bias, and one Regular bias headphone and is set to 117V."
In short, this is quite a good amp. I rarely use my Stax headphones since I was on the go again early last year, and this amp is just sitting there since I sold my Stax November last year.
There are a few scratches on the amp. TSA people opened up my luggage and didn't repack my bubble wrap and foam properly, which scratched the left panel of the amp. There are a few very minor scratch at the front too.
I would prefer to ship to US only, but if international buyer promises me that you will pay any import tax that might be incurred on your side (sometimes as high as 50% of the price of the item), I am willing to ship internationally. Because Fedex and UPS and other private courier companies charge extremely high brokerage fee, I am only using USPS for international shipping. 
We can discuss shipping later. Anyone who's interested please PM me. The amp is guaranteed to be fully functional, if not, just have a change of tubes. They are quite cheap on Ebay, a pair of red ECC99 cost about 33, a pair of gold ECC99 cost about 60.
Photos to come later. 
As for those who like Stax, right now the price of a pair of Stax 009 on Pricejapan is only 3.4k USD. Two years ago when I was looking at it, it was close to 5k. Talk about timing 

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Jun 6, 2011
I have expressed interest. I am second in line.

I live in Australia. I will be responsible for any import fee incurred as a result of the purchase of the amp and importation into Australia.
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