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SOLD!!! Se100 with case

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  1. Audiophonicalistic
    For Sale
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    • North America
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    For sale. Se100 with blue astell and kern official case. Case fits like a glove. Purchased this in September, and I loved it so much I jumped on the bf deal for the sp1000. Mint condition. No scratches, kept the screen protectors on since day one and never took it out of the case.
  2. Audiophonicalistic
    20181203_123943.jpg 20181203_124023.jpg 20181203_124100.jpg 20181203_124116.jpg 20181203_124247.jpg 20181203_124308.jpg Bump
  3. Cburd
    Hey there! I also picked up an SE100 and I really like it and just like you, I am now eyeballing the SP1000 or the SP1000M. Tell me straight....is the SP1000 2 grand better than the SE100. I like the Sabre Pro 9038 but the SP has twin 4497's which is a beast! I'm just wondering if I'd even know the difference in a blind test. I really do like the SE100 both the sound and the device itself. I'm coming off a Kann which is a great machine! So I'm thinking I should...maybe just stop and enjoy. I'll await your input.
  4. Audiophonicalistic
  5. Audiophonicalistic
    Updated price. $1300 shipped.
  6. Audiophonicalistic

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