SOLD: Schiit Vali 2 (w/ optional RU-6H23P-EB (6922) tube)

Discussion in 'Amplification For Sale / Trade' started by Mkoll, Nov 14, 2017.
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    I am the 3rd owner after having traded my Magni 3 for it about a month ago. 2nd owner barely used it and says original owner used about 20 hours. I'm selling because I really don't need it.

    Came with wall wart and stock tube. I can also include a Russian RU-6H23P-EB (6922) tube for $10 more ($150 total). I bought the tube new about 2 years ago and used it sparingly on an older tube amp that broke and haven't used it since. Works great with the Vali 2.

    In excellent condition. Minor cosmetic blemishes on bottom.

    Price includes Paypal and shipping fee if in continental US. If shipping internationally, I may ask for a bit more to cover shipping, depending on cost.

    IMG_20171114_165443.jpg IMG_20171114_165507.jpg IMG_20171114_165609.jpg IMG_20171114_165627.jpg IMG_20171114_165645.jpg IMG_20171114_165651.jpg IMG_20171114_165655.jpg IMG_20171114_165705.jpg IMG_20171114_165716.jpg
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  3. Mkoll
    bump, still available
  4. Mkoll
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  6. chicken beer
    Good price!
  7. Mkoll
    Thanks, I think so. That Russian tube was $60.

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