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Discussion in 'Amplification For Sale / Trade' started by strawed, Feb 7, 2018.
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  1. strawed
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    [SOLD] is my Schiit Vali 2 Tube Hybrid Headphone Amp. I'm the sole original owner, it's a few months old and in excellent, like new working and cosmetic condition. Original box, stock tube (with less than 1hr on it) included.

    Selling as I'm not getting much use out of it anymore with my new headphones. It's yours for $129 + 6 shipping. Pics coming later.

    PLEASE READ: Price is firm, only shipping to CONUS, and no trades. Please PM if you're interested.
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  2. merajsalek
  3. strawed
    Hmm... I never got your PM.
  4. Ksweene5
    a nice piece of kit for sure, but $135 shipped means one could buy a brand new Vali for $14 more
  5. strawed
    If only Schiit shipped for free. Being on the east coast, I paid an additional $16.64 for that, which was the cheapest option.
  6. ColtMrFire
    It doesn't really matter if it's mint. Buying from you means there is no warranty (schiit warranties are not transferrable). So one may as well pay the additional little bit of extra for a brand new one, and they would have a warranty. Your pricing doesn't make alot of sense considering, just saying.
  7. strawed
    Yes, I knew this, thank you for presuming that I didn't. And for anyone else reading and wondering, the good majority of manufacturers (especially of audio gear) do not transfer their warranties with used resale. That said, Schiit's stuff tends to have solid resale value NOT because they transfer warranties, but because they have a solid (not perfect) reputation for making reliable gear.

    Just saying, huh? Thank you again for more presumptuous, unsolicited selling input. Especially since I wouldn't have thought to ever ask you for that after looking at your seller feedback history.

    Also, I may indeed lower my price, but please don't waste precious minutes of your life trolling people about the value of things they're selling here, unless you know they're violating the rules. Because, at my current selling price, after I cover the PayPal fees and the remainder of the shipping costs (~$11-14), I stand to lose at least $45 on this sale. If that's not enough of a loss in your eyes, then tell it to your friends who unlike me, give a schiit.
  8. ColtMrFire
    Basically for an extra $30 you can get a new one with a warranty. That's all I'm saying. If someone feels the need to save $30 and doesn't care about a warranty, you might get a sale. Good luck with it.
  9. strawed
    Thanks again for insulting the intelligence of folks looking at this ad who likely figured that out for themselves. Must be why this amp is still available. Good luck to you too!
  10. Geezer Rock 001
    Yo Colt,
    Read the rules. This forum is about sales offers. Not about I got one too, GLWS or any of the crap you were putting out. Just saying....

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