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SOLD: Schiit Stack (Wyrd, Modi 2 Uber, and Vali 2)

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  1. purehifi192
    Rarely used, less than one year old, Schiit stack: Wyrd USB decrappifier; Modi2 Uber DAC w/ inputs for USB, optical, and coax; and Vali 2 tube headphone amplifier.

    Open to all offers. Retail pricing as new is $417 excluding tax/shipping.
  2. lordskh
    Would you be willing to sell just the Vali 2?
  3. purehifi192
    My preference would be to sell them as a package...
  4. Miph120
    Hey Pure, is this still for sale?
  5. diphaloraptor
    Is this still for sale and how many hours on the amp?
  6. purehifi192
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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