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SOLD Schiit Stack Magni 3 and Modi 3 with extras

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  1. Asahi Templar
    For Sale
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    Up for your consideration is a set of the Schiit Magni 3 and Modi 3 aka the Schiit Stack!

    I bought these in November of last year and they have around 3 months of use on them. I put them in storage after I got some near gear and they have sat there ever since. This is a great starter amp and dac to get you into the hobby!

    They are both in pretty good shape, some minor scratches and scuffs on the case but nothing that effects performance in anyway. The Magni knob has some scratches too.

    The Magni 3 is the US version so its adapter uses 120v power. If you are using it outside the US you will need a stepdown or step up power converter.

    All the original accessories and boxes are included with the exception of the Modi 3s original power adapter. I lost it when I moved recently so I am including a Panasonic USB power adapter instead which works just the same as the original.

    I am also including a set of short RCA cables and a nice audio USB cable. The Modi only comes with one originally, so having the extra allows you to connect one USB as power and the other as data giving you superior performance.

    These will be shipped from Japan with Japan Post EMS.

    I am looking for 175 for the set, shipping and paypal fees are included.

    if you have any questions let me know! DSC_0558.JPG DSC_0559.JPG DSC_0560.JPG DSC_0561.JPG DSC_0562.JPG DSC_0563.JPG DSC_0564.JPG
  2. MadDane
    Nice package! GLWTS!
    Asahi Templar likes this.
  3. Asahi Templar
  4. Asahi Templar
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