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Discussion in 'Amplification For Sale / Trade' started by monkuboy, Feb 8, 2018.
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  1. monkuboy
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    I'm selling my Schiit Saga preamp, which was purchased brand new from Schiit in December 2016. It is in like-new condition both cosmetically and mechanically; it has about 100-125 hours on it. Asking $250 including UPS ground shipping to the continental U.S., payment via PayPal. It comes with the main unit, tube, power cord and remote, in the original box. Please PM me if you are interested. Thank you!


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  2. ra990
    Why are you purchasing a new one, if you have one already that you're putting up for sale?

    Wait, maybe I misread your original're purchasing just a new box from Schiit for it? They do that?
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  3. monkuboy
    Sorry to be unclear. I'm buying just the box from Schiit because I want to make sure it is securely packaged.
  4. monkuboy
    Bump - edited original post for better pricing.
  5. monkuboy
    Bump for Hump Day
  6. monkuboy
    President's Day bump for my Saga preamp, price lowered to $250 all in, shipped to the continental U.S.
  7. Mickb
    Is this still for sale? I am new to this site. Do you have any feedback here or elsewhere. I normally use ebay and audiogon.
  8. monkuboy
    Hi, sorry I forgot to edit my post. The Saga has been sold.

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