[SOLD] Schiit Modi Multibit (Mimby)

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  1. CardinalBlood
    For Sale
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    •   United States
    This is a like new Schiit Modi Multibit. Technically, there is no "Modi 2 Multibit", but the production date was after Modi 2 was released, so most people call it Modi 2 Multibit.

    Near Mint condition. I cannot see any blemishes or marks. Sounds great. Selling it because I have two and I only need one.

    Total including Priority USPS shipping and PP fees is $200.
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  2. CardinalBlood
    I forgot to add that the price includes PP fees.
  3. CardinalBlood
  4. CardinalBlood
    Bump and price drop. No shipping cost or PP fees
  5. tarnumf
    Pm sent
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