[SOLD] Schiit Audio Yggdrasil DAC (black chassis 1st gen)

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  1. captblaze
    For Sale
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    •   United States
    I understand the market for this DAC has hit rock bottom, but I am putting this up for sale.

    $1,350 shipping (lower 48 US) and PayPal included

    PM with questions about device

    Smoke / Pet free home. in storage and waiting to ship

    Will personally deliver within 150 miles of Chicago if necessary
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  2. streamline
    So a b-stock latest-gen Yggy, with 5 year warranty, is $2200 + shipping. The USB 5 + Analog 2 upgrade is $700 + shipping. For used gear that is more than a few years old, depreciation is pretty severe, but Yggy is probably a little better, say 70% of new. So "rational min" for your gen 1 Yggy is around $850 + shipping. But price analysis vs b-stock isn't totally fair as b-stock isn't always available, so against the normal list of $2400 + shipping, that would bump up the used price to around $1015 + shipping. But that's still not fair as it's not taking into account stock buyers -- the folks who don't want the upgrades, or at least don't want them immediately.

    So you best bet would be to find someone who doesn't want the upgrades and get $1400 - $1500 I would think. If it was $850 to $1000 you'd have strong demand as that price will make the upgraders compete with the stock buyers. A rational seller would want to sell to the stock buyers as that would net them the most dollars, so I bet that means $1400 would sell eventually.

    Of course, you could always not over-think the problem and drop the price $50 every week until it sells.
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  3. captblaze
    you logic is spot on. It is a buyers market and I don't understand why Schiit chose the pricing model they did. It absolutely took value from the first gen market. They obviously are taking a gamble on how this plays out for future purposes, but hey its their party...

    As for my Yggy...

    I truly no longer wish to own it, so I might be willing to make some compromises in terms of how much I will accept as long as it reflects reality
  4. captblaze
    bump -
  5. captblaze
    sale pending
  6. captblaze
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