SOLD: Sablon Audio King Power Cable TOTL 15 amp IEC - Brand New in Box
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Item Description:
- I purchased the Sablon Audio King 15 amp IEC power cable with black sheathing directly from Sablon (owner Mark) and it arrived from the UK a couple days ago. I have not even opened the box, so I am selling it brand new in the box. Someone wanted a couple of pics so I posted them below.
- Those familiar with this power cable know it is the Sablon flagship and touted as the best of the best high current power cables.
- I am selling because I am in the middle of a move and will realistically not be back on the high-end side of the audio scene for a while. I ordered the cable weeks before we decided to move and was unable to cancel once the plugs for my cable were purchased.

Product Information
Sablon Audio Power Cables

The sale will include the following:
Sablon Audio King Power Cable (retails at $3,950) - 15 amp IEC and 5 feet in length

Conditions of Sale:
- PayPal users with verified continental United States address only
- I will cover PayPal fees and ground shipping with insurance / tracking
- No trades

Please check out my seller feedback and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking!

Sablon Audio King Power Cable.jpgSablon Audio King Power Cable 01.jpgSablon Audio King Power Cable 02.jpg
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