SOLD: Rockhopper M^3 w/ STEPS
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Headphoneus Supremus
Aug 31, 2005
I'm selling my Rockhopper-built M^3 that I bought a year ago from jamesp. It's got a serial number on the bottom of the main unit: RHAM3B0005. This amp has a variable bass boost and comes with a STEPS Power Supply (includes the umbilical). It has OPA637BP op-amps in the left and right channels and OPA627AP in the ground channel. The biasing is good for either high or low impedance cans. It has 2 sets of inputs on the back, but it DOES NOT function as a pre-amp, but as a signal pass-through to another component. The reason I'm selling is I've settled on the MS2i's as my main headphone, and they really don't require so much power to sound good. Price is SOLD, and I'll include a free pair of Germania-built silver-copper 3 ft interconnects. Paypal is preferred method of payment, fees and shipping are included, and continentil U.S. prospective buyers only, please.
EDIT: This beast is packed up and ready to ship. Plenty of time until the post office closes...


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