SOLD: Remote+Mic cable for ER4SR/XR and ER3SE/XR

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    I made this cable by replacing FiiO RC-MMCX3S cable's stock MMCX connector with an Ety specific MMCX connector that can fit into the new ER4 and ER3 driver while locking them down (*no free rotation). The cable has been tested with my own ER4SR driver to work perfectly fine on Sony Xperia XZP as well as FiiO X5 mk3. In theory, it should work fine with most Android based smartphone in recent years that has a 3.5mm jack, though I can't guaranteed this will always be the case. This cable has not been used except for a brief testing under 10 minutes.

    I am asking for $50 for the cable, which is pretty much the cost of materiel. I can ship by either EMS (~US$40, with international tracking) or small packet air (~US$10, snail mail basically, without tracking) to anywhere besides Israel. If you choose small packet air, you agree to bear the risk. Shipping fee will be lower if you live close to me (*S.E.Asia).

    I only accept PayPal.

    p/s: I have parts to build one more. PM me If you need one
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