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SOLD - RBH - EP3 Ceramic IEMs - $179 Retail

Trader History (25)
  1. foreverzer0
    For Sale
    Very good condition RBH EP3 IEM's with original accessories (minus the tiny leatherette tote, which is easily lost) for sale.
    I also have new JVC Spiral Dots Medium (my preference), SpinFit Medium, but comes with Comply foam and it's own silicone tips (I wouldn't recommend). These are great for commuting as they isolate quite well. I recently ordered my first set of CIEM's so I'm trying to reduce my inventory.
    Musical and fun sounding with a glowing review from @BloodyPenguin here: Great Looking and Fun Listening, Isolating Earphones
    Professional review: http://www.audioholics.com/headphone-reviews/rbh-ep3-review
    Additional pictures if requested.
  2. BloodyPenguin Contributor
    Good luck with the sale.  [​IMG]

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