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SOLD: Ray Samuels 'Emmeline' SR-71 portable headphone amp

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  1. yates7592
    For Sale
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    • Anywhere
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    SOLD. I have my SR-71 portable headpone amp for sale. Lovely warm sound and enough power for almost any headphones. Runs off 2 x 9V batteries (I will include 4 x Duracell Industrial 9V's with the sale). Also comes with a soft carry pouch. Functions perfectly, a couple of cosmetic marks but has been used very sparingly over the years and well looked after. Retail price was $395. My price includes shipping anywhere and Paypal fee. Ships from the UK.

    20190421_122215_resized.jpg 20190421_122229_resized.jpg 20190421_122240_resized.jpg 20190421_122251_resized.jpg 20190421_122308_resized.jpg 20190421_122322_resized.jpg 20190421_122521_resized.jpg
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2019
  2. MH01
    Good evening , would you accept £110 ?
  3. silverbot01
    Sent you a message.

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