SOLD: PPAS! Best portable amp!
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Mar 30, 2007
SOLD SOLD SOLDI'm selling my PPAS made by FallenAngel.SOLD SOLD SOLD
I can provide it in the silver/black casing scheme like FallenAngel built (see below), or a Black/Black sheme as in my photo here:

It's quite a rare thing, and has v.powerful current capabilities for a small portable.

Price is exactly what I payed for it SOLD$130SOLD shipped worldwide. I think the amp parts alone made it cost this much.
I bought the black hammond casing myself.

I'll also consider trades for interesting Orthodynamics, electrets or whatever.

See FallenAngel's post here for all the details:

Originally Posted by FallenAngel /img/forum/go_quote.gif

Hey guys,

I built this little beast of an amp a little bit ago for smaller size and I still use the larger (8x AAA) PPAS more. It sounds fantastic, like a PPA amp in your pocket. It's my favorite portable amp with absolutely no competition at it's price and still it destroys anything double or triple that!

Opamps: AD8066 / OPA132
Buffers : 3x LMH6321
Battery: AccuPower 9V 270mAh rechareable
Case: Hammond 1455C802, silver (size of credit card)

Unlike most portable amps that use opamps to drive headphones directly (which greatly limits opamp choices), the PPAS uses opamps for the voltage gain stage and proper buffers for the current gain. This lets you use wonderful sounding opamps like AD8066 and OPA132 (a greatly under-rated chip and foolishly overlooked, sounds 90% to OPA627).

AD8066/OPA132 combination is a bass beast! Strong powerful bass, beautiful mids with fairly nice highs. When paired with BUF634, not as nice, but that's where the LMH6321 buffers come in, they have beautiful detail and I prefer them to BUF634 quite a bit because of it, the only drawback is the current they take : 11mA EACH vs 4mA per BUF634. Total current draw on the amp is about 50mA.

I am including a 270mAh rechargeable AccuPower 9V and I have built a trickle charger circuit so you can plug in any 12V adapter into it and it'll charge the battery. Battery life is about 5 hours on this amp because of the high current buffers.

Amp gain is about 5x (either 4.5x or 5.5x, can't remember). It drives everything I own nicely and there is no hiss/hum issues at any "reasonable" volume level with my MylarOne X3 canalphones either (of course at very high volume with IEMs there will be some hiss, but if you play music, it'll blow your head off anyway).

Casework note: The led is a few millimeters off "middle" between the input/output jacks which are also 1mm off center as well, just for the truly picky.


Price for this beast is only $130 including PayPal and Priority shipping within US and international shipping is welcome at no extra charge. I will highly consider trades for a stock Ultrasone HFI-780 or PRO 750 with added cash on my end (or custom DIY work).


EDIT: If it's not gone by Tuesday, it's off the forum to my buddy at work. I seriously can't believe it's not gone yet; it's the best portable amp available; guess fools fall for advertising bs more than I see. Maybe it's the battery life, but for musical perfection, you must pay the price.

And ryhthmdevils post:

Originally Posted by rhythmdevils /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I have one of fallenangel's ppas creations, and I can say that it does sound fantastic. It is the only portable i have heard that can actually drive the hd650 with authority. It is very neutral, detailed, and has power to spare. Great dynamics as well. Not only that, but only 20 of these boards were ever made. You're not going to see one of these for sale again....


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