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[SOLD] Power distributor "RYDER" (schuko EU) for sale

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  1. Beyerdynamico
    For Sale
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    Selling my power distributor RYDER. A "rare" special one for limited production. In excellent condition.

    Smoke free, dust free and pet free environment.

    This was a project made by the founder, Rodrigo Comba, of Auriculares.org headphone forum (like Jude here at headfi.org). The thread is here:

    It was for a limited group buy for the forum's audiophiles. Probably there are a dozen of these sold. It was intended to be pushed to the market as well. The goal was to make a hi-en, tank like, power distributor using furutech parts for a fraction of the price of similar commercial quality products.

    It uses furutech OCC alpha 3 as the main power cord terminated with Furutech FI-E35(G) male schuko plug. 1.5 meters in length.

    it has 6 furutech FI-E30 female sockets, 2 in rhodium, 4 gold plated. Each one using Furutech Alpha 12 cable for hot, neutral and ground. Crimped using gold plated WBT caps for the end leads. All of the six connections are joint using the star configuration for distribution instead of the worse parallel connection one to the next.

    The chassis is made of aluminium and thick stainless steel. it weights a massive 3.7 kg.

    it has EMI filter sheets strategically placed inside. It also has a chassis ground connector rhodium plated by Yarbo.

    Photos of my unit:

    IMG_0699.jpg IMG_0705.jpg IMG_0710.jpg IMG_0715.jpg IMG_0727.jpg IMG_0722.jpg IMG_0744.jpg

    Rest of photos:

    ftech_74296.jpg KIT21.jpg KIT23.jpg P1100239.jpg P1100243.jpg P1100258.jpg P1160450.jpg P1160452.jpg POWERRYDER1.jpg

    Most probably bought new in late 2010.

    Price: 530€. No power distributor come close to this one for this price. No joke.

    Shipping anywhere.

    Paypal fees and shipping paid by the buyer.
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2018
  2. Beyerdynamico
  3. Beyerdynamico
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  5. Beyerdynamico
    SOLD outside

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