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SOLD! Portaphile V2^2 Maxed Out

  1. nelamvr6
    This amp is in near mint condition. It has all the goodies, the extra buffers, the LT1210 in the power supply, the BlackGate caps, the DC jack on the rear panel... and it sounds GREAT!

    Asking price: $200.00 USD plus shipping. No USPS, Paypal verified address only, US and Canada only.

    EDIT: This one is SOLD!
  2. nelamvr6
  3. LDMES
  4. nelamvr6
  5. nelamvr6
  6. nelamvr6
  7. nelamvr6
    Bump for price drop
  8. nelamvr6
    Bump for price drop
  9. nelamvr6
    bump for price drop
  10. LDMES
    YGPM...again... [​IMG]
  11. nelamvr6

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