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SOLD: PLUSSOUND Exo Gold Plated Silver (2-pin, 2.5mm)

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  1. CANiSLAYu
    For Sale
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    •   United States

    Up for sale is a used PLUSSOUND Exo Gold Plated Silver (GPS) cable in 2-pin CIEM and 2.5mm balanced configuration. I am the second owner. Reason for sale is I sold one of my IEMs and no longer need this great cable.

    Here is the setup:
    Exo Series Custom Cable for 2-Pin / CIEM / 0.78mm
    Wire: Gold Plated Silver (Type 6 Litz)
    Braid: Round
    Termination: PS Gold Plated 2.5mm Straight
    Termination End: Heatshrink with silver foil
    Y-Splitter: PS Rose Gold
    Slider: PS Rose Gold
    Left: Heatshrink with blue foil
    Right: Heatshrink with red foil

    Here are the specs on the wire:
    Wire: Gold Plated Silver Type 6 Litz
    Gauge: 26AWG
    Cores: 7
    Insulation: PS (NEW)
    Purity: Up to 99.99999%
    Cryogenically Treated

    Industry’s first silver wire with 24K gold plating in Type 6 configuration. It features 6 groups inside containing strands for not only decreasing electrical anomalies (i.e. skin and proximity effect) but prevents oxidation to maintain same appearance after very long use, increases durability greatly, and sound quality improvements through its configuration. An all new dampening material has been included at every core (7 cores in total) that retains round shape of every group while staying on the surface of the conductor, reducing mechanical vibration in the process. Utilizing all new proprietary PS insulation for maximum flexibility and durability and wires are cryogenically treated for long lasting, enhanced sound quality. It transmits electric signals faster with less distortion and low electrical resistance. Along with no crystal boundaries and molecular junctions, these advantages makes it one of the most advanced and unique wires on the market today.

    Here are some reviews of the wire:
    Sound Perfection Reviews

    This is just the cable only; I do not have the original packaging or any accessories. The cable is in excellent shape, though the heatshrink and the spiltter do show some signs of wear as you'd expect with normal use. Asking $SOLD shipped including PayPal fees (US Only). Not looking for any trades at the moment. Thanks for looking!

    Last edited: Jul 7, 2019
  2. Tybot
    PM sent

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