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SOLD:PlusSound Echo+ Series Silver Plated Copper Type 6 Headphone Litz Cable - HD800/HD800s connectors

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  1. blackrain139
    For Sale
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    Photo and details at eBay listing:


    (added text: Head-Fi ID: blackrain139 at the listing for verification purposes)

    Over 4200+ 100% positive feedback on eBay account

    - One of my fav cable for HD800s
    - Great workmanship with supple and flexible nylon sleeving
    - Bought direct from Plus Sound Audio at USD$394 with receipt
    - 6 feet in length
    - A great value Type 6 Litz UPOCC SPC with 7 core dampening
    - PlusSound changed my original order to Elear termination so I got SgAudioHive to reterminate to HD800s
    - I'll include the original 3.5mm connectors Only selling this because I've upgraded to a 8w 18g Toxic Venom

    FREE worldwide shipping + PayPal fees covered.

    Details: http://www.plussoundaudio.com/customcables/headphone.html (Echo+ Series)

    Description: Designed for audiophiles and purists, this new design - built from the ground up, uses newly modified cryogenically treated UPOCC Type 6 Litz with 7-core dampening made from new proprietary material, enamel coating to prevent electrical anomalies such as skin and proximity effect with a special additive-infused transparent polyethylene insulation for low capacitance and dialectric constant reduction delivering optimal high conductivity. The added PE/MF insulation, tri shielding, multi dampening, and LR multifilament sleeving covering the wires offers a noise-free environment, resulting in the highest resolution and cleanest sound that has never been heard before in other cables. All conductors are cryogenically treated for long lasting sound and cable structure. Thanks to our design and engineering, overall ergonomics have been improved, while offering a sleeker appearance, and maintaining portability for use at home and on the road. If you are looking for the best sounding and most advanced cable available on the market, this is it.

    Wire: Silver Plated Copper Type 6 Litz
    Gauge: 26AWG
    Cores: 7
    Insulation: PE
    Purity: Up to 99.99999% Cryogenically Treated

    Reviews: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/plussound-audio-thread.701384/
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2017
  2. blackrain139
    *** PRICE DROPPED ***
  3. blackrain139
  4. blackrain139

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