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Sold: Pioneer XDP-300R new in box

Trader History (11)
  1. ZYReady
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    Best offer:
    I want to sell my XDP-300R which was purchased 3 weeks ago. I found I just have no time to use it in any situation so just wanna let it go. It was just opened the box, listened for 2 hrs, put back in the box after fully charged. The factory protective screen cover is still on the unit. It can be said mostly a new unit. Want to know if anyone interested. PM for pics. Feel free to ask me any question. Asking price including shipping and PP fees. Thanks.
  2. rpeebles
    Hello ! Have you still got this for sale ?
    Could you send me some pics '
    Could you send it to Santiago, CHILE ?
    Thank you !
    Best regards !
  3. ZYReady
    Pics updated
    300r 1.jpg 300r 2.jpg 300r 3.jpg 300r 4.jpg
  4. ZYReady
  5. Droccord
    You still have this?

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