SOLD: Philips Fidelio X1
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For sale is my Philips Fidelio X1. Comes with original box and materials. Also included is a Black V-Moda Cable, as it is often suggested to replace the stock cable.
I am the first owner. I bought this brand new and received it 5/15/13. I have used it for probably about 10 hours. Condition is still mint.
Reason for selling is that I prefer my HD650 for open-back sound, and my Denon D2000 for bassy sound.
If you're curious as to how the X1 sounds, I'll refer you first to Tyll's article. He very much likes this headphone:
When I first heard it, I was actually struck by how smooth sounding this headphone is. The treble has a small peak, but is actually very smooth and lacks sibilance. Mids are even handed and lack any significant peaks or dips. The bass really takes the show though. This is a fantastic open-back headphone if you're looking for an open bassy sound that doesn't sound weird or off balance. Despite the fact, I ultimately preferred the slightly loose, reverberating bass of my Denons to the clearer, open bass of the X1.
Price is SOLD. Shipping is on me if shipped within U.S.
If international, I will ask around SOLD, depending on the estimated shipping costs as per your location. PM me for this.
Accepting PayPal only. If you are comfortable, you can pay with Gift. Otherwise, I will cover PayPal fees, since I know my feedback is sparse. Just getting into the game :wink:
PM me with any questions!
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