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SOLD: Phenix G3 T7 Tube Headhone Amp - MINT!

  1. jpstereo
    SOLD is my Phenix G3 T7 Tube Headphone Amp.  It has about 20-30 hours on it.  It is as new and sounds fantastic.  It comes complete with tubes and power supply /cable.  I have upgraded to a Schiit Valhalla.  The Phenix is a wonderful amp!  SOLD shipped CONUS only.  PayPal please.  I will cover fee!  Check my perfect feedback!
    DSC_0027.jpg DSC_0029.jpg
  2. jpstereo
  3. jpstereo
    Price drop!  $125 shipped CONUS.
  4. jpstereo
  5. jpstereo
  6. jpstereo
    Price dropped!
  7. jpstereo
  8. jpstereo
  9. jpstereo
  10. jpstereo
  11. jpstereo
    SOLD! Thanks!

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