SOLD: Penguinamp Caffeine Ultra
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Jan 1, 2008
Hi there! Recently, i realized that my current rig is just too bulky for me. I can't even keep it in my pocket or anything. I decided to go with a smaller rig with a sansa fuze. I am selling a used ZVM and caffeine ultra that were both kept in good condition.

Penguinamp Caffeine Ultra


I am also selling off my amp. As you can see, i kept it in good condition. This amp has a bass boost on it. i only owned this amp for about 3 months so far.


The inside of the amp


The power switch/volume control/LED light (amp not turned on)/audio jacks on the outside.


After my ZVM has been sold, i tried to remove the mounting tape from my player and amp since thats what i used to stick them together. It is VERY VERY strong. some of the tape was still stuck on there. so i had to use my nail and this tool thing to remove the excess tape. unfortunately, it scratched off some paint too but not too much. The paint thats missing are the silver spots u see on the back of the amp. Its only in the top half and is pretty minor IMO. It does not affect the sq at all.



I will include the wall charger, 4 velcro dot feet to attach to your DAP (not shown) AND a 9v rechargeable Tenergy 250 NiMH battery. The white box is the original packaging that the charger came in.

PRICE: Currently the site says that this amp is sold out until February. I remember i got this for about $75 NOT including the battery and the wall charger that cost extra. I will sell this amp for $75 + 3% PayPal Fees INCLUDING the battery and the charger. As the same with the ZVM, shipping is included for US buyers.I am open to sell to international buyers, but they must cover for the shipping.


Thanks for viewing!

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