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SOLD - Passive preamp / input slector $sold shipped in the US OBO

  1. clc77
    Up for sale is a Passive Preamp/input selector.It is wired with point to point Belden silver coat wiring and uses ALPS pots and has a 50k impedance there are 3 line level inputs that can be selected from the front and variable output as well as a fixed output.It is in great shape also and works perfect.
    I'm looking for $Sold shipped in the US or best offer. International shipping is fine but buyer will have to pay the extra shipping costs.
    Here's a link to some pics
    http://picasaweb.google.com/ChadCalton/PassivePre?feat=directlink (T-amp is sold and not included)
  2. clc77
    Price drop
  3. clc77
  4. clc77

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