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SOLD: Oriolus MK2

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  1. DarginMahkum
    For Sale
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    I traded my KSE1500 for cash and 2 IEMs. I knew I would sell these but still wanted to check how they sound and then sell (because I wanted to buy and bought an LCDi4). So, here is a chance for you to grab an excellent condition Oriolus MK2 with the original cable. Price includes eBay and PayPal costs. For the safety of both sides, selling only on eBay. Fixed price. I will accept any price starting from 530 Euros. Here is the link:


    *** PW5 cable in the photo is already sold. ***
    *** NO TRADES ***
    *** Please do not ask for a "no eBay price". With or without eBay the price is the same! ***

    Last edited: Sep 24, 2018
  2. DarginMahkum
    For your and my safety, I prefer to sell only over eBay and PayPal. Please do not make no PayPal/no eBay offers. Thanks.
  3. DarginMahkum
    Price dropped to 675.
  4. DarginMahkum
    PW5 cable is sold.
  5. DarginMahkum
  6. DarginMahkum
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2018
  7. DarginMahkum
    Price down, one more time.
  8. DarginMahkum
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