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(SOLD) Oppo HA-2SE (good condition)

Discussion in 'Amplification For Sale / Trade' started by slankoe, Jun 22, 2017.
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  1. slankoe
    For Sale or Trade
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    • North America


    I am selling my HA-2SE as I have upgraded my amplification to the Chord Hugo and no longer need this Oppo product. This amplifier/DAC was purchased two months ago so it is still quite new. It comes with all of the cables and accessories, like new, with the exception of one of the elastic bands which I lost.

    I found it to be an excellent product, but it is very slightly but noticeably under-powering my Hifiman HE-560 which are not the easiest to drive orthos requiring a bit of current that the HA-2 simply cannot provide. They are splendid combined with the PM-3.

    The product has a great DAC, can be hooked up to android, iPhone, Mac and Windows, etc, or used just as an amp, having line out as well as headphone out.

    Seeing as it's slightly used and missing an elastic, the price is firm at $200 USD or $300 CAD plus shipping. Ships out of Edmonton, Canada. Ask here or PM me for details. If residing in the USA I will look into the best shipping method for you.

    I'm more than happy to do a trade if you have something cool to exchange.
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  2. slankoe

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